September 1, 2014 - 7:30 pm

Stadsschouwburg - Antwerp

Meet a man who needs no introduction: Sir Richard Branson. This man has built a global empire in the form of ‘the Virgin Group’. He is an innovative player in sectors such as telecommunications, rail transport, air travel, health and fitness, relaxation and many more. Virgin Galactic is the world's first commercial space travel company and is known for providing "the greatest adventure of all". But climate change and sustainable business are also hot topics that get Sir Richard Branson's blood pumping. And that is precisely the issue here: how can Flanders continue to grow, operate and renew in a sustainable manner?

So, why not take this chance to let this exemplary entrepreneur, world traveller and innovator inspire you? Join the discussion live as he enters into dialogue with homegrown entrepreneurial personalities and the world's foremost authority on climate, Rajenda Pachauri.
Sir Richard will be discussing his Galactic project with our fellow countryman and astronaut Frank De Winne. Arild Rødland, former Secretary of State for Energy in Norway and Ivan Van de Cloot, chief economist Itinera also participate in this two hour debate and spectacle with Sir Richard Branson.

This experience is being brought to you by VITO, the Flemish research organisation that supports and promotes sustainable innovation in the business world and beyond, in conjunction with its Indian partner organisation, TERI. It is the launch event of the multi-day i-SUP conference in Antwerp.